Monday, May 23, 2016

Pictures from Pacific Northwest Art School, Whidbey Island, WA

Here are some pix of student work done in my Gelatin Print Collage workshop at PNWAS over the weekend. 

Printed papers

Using a stencil

A spectrum of papers

The paper used for off-loading paint from the brayer turned into a gorgeous image.

Using a stencil to create a pattern

Another spectrum of papers


Taking a walk on Eby's Bluff, after class

The homemade gelatin plate

A wall of student work

Stripes in context
Except for the picture of me on Eby's Bluff, I ask that you not re-post the images above, as they are student work, shown anonymously.  If you re-post, they will appear as if they are my work, and the credit is not mine. Enjoy!


  1. Great work....but the place looks freezing!

  2. wonderful work, and it looks like your students had a great time!

  3. A wall of student work is amazing. Congrats to everyone! You are such a good teacher, Jane. I wish I could take one of your workshops.

  4. Just bought your Collage Book. I'm so looking forward to seeing it. I became enamored with collage about 5 years ago, making my own papers and creating landscape paintings and trying all sorts of mixed media. I just can't seem to get enough of it. I love your abstracts and the freedom you exhibit! Wish you had workshops on the west coast.

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