Thursday, February 25, 2016

Video by Nicholas Wilton

Check this out.

Check out his web site as well.

Nicholas Wilton is very generous in his sharing of information and inspiration.  He is a very prolific artist as well, so he knows what he is talking about in terms of art practice.
"Quince", 40"x36", mixed media on panel, NICHOLAS WILTON
Here is a painting of his that I just pulled off his web site.  If you are re-posting, PLEASE attribute to him, not me. 


  1. Nicholas always has such good advice. I'm a fan.

  2. Thank you for introducing us to Nicholas. I've just subscribed to his blog. Great to see artists supporting each other!

  3. Jane, thanks for sharing my work. I really appreciate it and had fun seeing yours too--cheers N


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