Friday, November 13, 2015

New Online Class (and an update on the Five-Minute Paintings)

First, the Five-Minute Paintings.  I made a little progress on a few of them.  Nice to have so many to work with, I can just play around.  It's just like Big Fat Art.  Here are some before-and-after images of works in progress.  These are all on 19"x25" gessoed paper.
On this one I pretty much just enhanced what was there with artist quality paint and a bit more of the water soluble crayon.

Enhanced a few areas, then covered over some using a brayer with white paint.  No idea what happens next.

I dripped the blue paint (latex) over the orange area, after painting over the orange quite a bit.  A few other things, and I'll keep going.

This one took many turns.  It's probably the most developed of the five-minute paintings, and I'm not sure where it will go next. 

Now, for the new online class (drum roll please..... or ukulele noodling):

Beyond the Color Wheel: Advanced Color Studies

This is for those of you who know basic color theory, color mixing, color vocabulary, but want to take the study of color further, and develop your own personal color "voice".  The class is a little different from the others, in that the lessons are sent every two weeks.  Six lessons in all, but over the course of twelve weeks.  This gives you time to get deeper into each lesson, reflect, and absorb. 

It begins on February 10, and, as usual, enrollment is limited.  Click here to read description and sign up. 


  1. I love the focus on the Color class. If I weren't already doing the 100 Drawings at the same time I would sign up. I hope you repeat it down the road.

  2. Jane are you still looking for Deli paper? I just got some at Costco that was a 2 pack so I have way too much and I would love to send you a box!

    1. Sure! See my Contact page on my web site for mailing address. I am just now getting low on it now, and I do use it for workshops. THANKS!

    2. Awesome. Will get in the mail soon!


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