Friday, October 16, 2015

A Few Pix From Sechelt

Here are a few pieces I made for demonstration.  They are all 18"x24" on Cheap Drawing Paper.

line, veiling, shape, pattern, color areas...

You can't go wrong with Bubblegum Pink.

A Pink Lifesaver (upper left) can never hurt.

Here are some pix of the workshop and participants:
Whose table is this?

Elena hard at work

Michelle did several gorgeous, minimal pieces like this.

Pia and Jennifer conferring

Student work on the wall

Student work on the wall

Goofing around on the beach.


  1. You and your students look like you had an enjoyable and productive workshop.

    What experience would I have to have in order to participate in one of the in person workshops? I don't find online workshops to be my style. I learn much more when I can interact with a teacher and other students.


  2. I do wish you'd come to Australia ! I'd love to do one of your real, rather than virtual, workshops.

  3. Such a beautiful time and great work!

  4. Such a beautiful time and great work!

  5. Ooh, looks fun! Wish I'd known about this. I live just across the water in Comox on Vancouver Island. I have family in Coupeville - maybe I can take a course on Whidbey next year!!

  6. So excited to play with this on Monday in Duncan!

  7. this has been a challenging but fun week


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