Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This and That

So I'm officially back from vacation, but still in re-entry mode.  Here is a little video I shot while at Omega.  One of the students had made this fabulous pattern using a fork, so I thought I would demonstrate it.  The video opens with a little intro from my chickens:

In other news, Text and Image is now available as a downloadable workshop.  I know a lot of you have been waiting for this, so take a look.

Layering and Excavating is now open for registration at Northeast Art Workshops in Gloucester, MA.  That is next summer, June 27 - July 1.


  1. Oh Girllllls!! Oh Girrrrrrllllllss! I just love that video and now I can see it whenever I want to smile!
    Thanks for demonstrating that cool fork patter, It's genius!

  2. Well, you have to call this the chicken scratch pattern! Thanks for sharing the student's creativity with us.

  3. Cute chooks (that's Australian for chickens). The fork patterns are beautifully subtle.

  4. I just love the girls! Great idea with the fork, love.

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  6. Love the chickens, I can hear my neighbor's girls chattering away as I write. And the fork pattern is fab. Must go use it immediately! Thanks for posting!

  7. Hope the girls liked having you on vacation. Thanks for the video.


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