Sunday, July 12, 2015

Taking a Break

I am taking a little break from posting on this blog, just until August 5.  I have some new technology to sort out, and some behind-the-scenes re-organization and up-dating to do.  So, please enjoy the posts that are already on the blog, or go to my YouTube channel for video tutorials.  Go to the Tutorials page for the posts that give instruction (one of the candidates for updating), or to the Artists and Inspiration page on my web site.  Make some art!  I'll post again that first week of August.  Cheers!
Make Some Marks!


  1. Enjoy your much deserved break, Jane!


  2. I look forward to your return to the web

  3. will we get to here about your week at Omega when you return. please. I wish I could have been there again this year

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