Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More in My Series of Elements

Here are just a few more pieces I did with the idea of a Vocabulary of Elements.  These are all 12"x12":
I was enjoying a more spare approach.

Again, I like the space around this cluster of elements.

This one reminds me of Fog Rolling In.  So, I guess I will title it "Fog Rolling In".

I am doing a big series of studies like this in black and white on 9"x12" cheap drawing paper, but decided to try it on 12"x12" good paper.  Going this spare, in terms of both space and color, is really new for me, and I'm excited to explore it further.

I did try out this approach - creating a vocabulary of elements - at Big Fat Art Weekend, but I'm waiting for more photos to be sent by students (I get so engrossed in the art and teaching that I forget to take pix).  Here are a couple of photos of some of the work:

More pix and video of Big Fat Art coming soon. 


  1. I like them Jane! For something the first and the sixth ones are whimsical from my perspective.

  2. I'm enjoying the spareness, too! Especially Fog rolling in, with its very bold contrast between the left and right halves. The first two and the sixth interest me with their subtle suggestion of an interrupted horizon. I love the busy clutter of the studio photo! Exciting work!

  3. You are a busy girl...and making magic all the while.

  4. What do you use for your "cheap drawing paper"? When I try using cheap paper it buckles but using nicer paper makes it harder to be freer and experimental

    1. See my "Favorite Materials" link in the right margin. The pieces shown here are on good paper. I do use the Cheap Drawing paper for some work, though.

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