Friday, December 19, 2014

September Workshop in Wisconsin

I am teaching a workshop at Dillman's Bay Resort in northern Wisconsin, September 13 - 18.  They've just opened it for registration, and made a really spectacular (I think) presentation page. Dillman's has an excellent website, with information on all kinds of activities: kayaking, swimming, yoga, etc.  It will be like summer camp (in the fall) plus art.  Looks like you could bring your whole family, and they would all be happily occupied while we make abstract paintings.

In the studio one thing I've been working on is linear pieces in black and white.  Full disclosure: part of this is in preparation for 100 Drawings on Cheap Paper, which starts January 7 (full) and September 9 (open for registration).  Still, it is fun and eye-opening to return to a vocabulary that does not include color.  Color is such a strong language that it is easy to lose sensitivity to other elements in the presence of it.

The following are 9"x12", acrylic, graphite, and ink on cheap drawing paper:

Thanks for visiting!


  1. I like the idea of working without colour so I can focus more on form and texture . . . And, happy holidays Jane.

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas Jane. See you...and more of these drawings, in January.

  3. Of course I am personally THRILLED that you are coming to Dillmans (just 15 minutes) from our summer cabin in the north woods. You will be there just about at the start of beautiful color, Jane, and I hope still some mild temps. (We had snow up there on Oct 3 last fall!) It's a lovely area. Not easy to get to, but worth the trouble!!! Of COURSE I am signing up and doing a promo for the class at both the local art leagues in Minocqua/Woodruff and in Manitowish Waters. See ya there!

    1. Well, THANKS so much, Ginny! So glad you mentioned this venue to me. Looks idyllic! I look forward to it.

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