Monday, April 14, 2014

Art and Soul in Portland

Here are some pix from Art and Soul in Portland.  I am so grateful to all those who participated in my classes and made it a really fun experience.  Also to Glenny and Marie who produce this event and make it run smoothly.  They manage to think of lots of little "extras" to make both teachers and attendees feel special and well cared for.

Dayna Collins and Karen

Me trying to be entertaining

I was honored to have Serena Barton in my Balancing Opposites class.

Barbara and Mary in the Transparencies class

Various works in progress from the Transparencies class


Dayna's work in Working In Series

Laura's Mermaid in Transparencies

Sue's collage papers

Working in Series, in progress

Sonchen and Anne
For more pictures and information on Art and Soul events, go to their Facebook Page or web site.


  1. Nice pics....and I am sure it was fun!!!

  2. Oh, what a glorious three days, Jane! Thanks for your positive energy, good humor, and artistic enthusiasm for the various processes. It was truly a pleasure.

  3. I'm impressed with the headstand! You must be a yogi ;-)

  4. Wow!...everyone's doing great work....and you are SO fit. It all makes me feel downright lazy

  5. I enjoyed your class so much! It was inspiring and gave me some new ideas. Thanks!

  6. Looks all very exciting. The Working in series especially tempting...pity I am so far away in the UK!


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