Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Workshops

I just got back from Art and Soul's Kansas City retreat a few days ago, where I had FABULOUS students and also got to see my fellow teachers.  I took Liz Kettle's class on creating papers and fabrics using a gelatin plate (real jello, not the gelliarts plate).  Jill K. Berry was there.  I've known her from The Sketchbook Challenge, and from her book, Personal Geographies, but had not actually met her in person.  It was great to spend some time with her.  The venue was VERY comfortable and accommodating, so if you are looking for a retreat for next spring, consider Art and Soul Kansas City.

Now, back to the present.  I'm brainstorming new workshop ideas for 2014.  Yes, it's time, as applications and proposals are due in the next few months. Here are my ideas, and I would LOVE to hear yours!

I thought I might change Fabric-Paper Collage into a project-based workshop on making prayer flags:

These involve fabric, paper, painting, collage, stitch, and beading.
 In October I'm teaching at Art and Soul in Portland, OR, offering a new workshop on Layering with Transparencies.  If this interests you for 2014 let me know.
In this piece I've used my hand-made transparent collage materials, which include drawing, painting, and printing on deli paper, tissue paper, and other substrates.
I would like to do something on Working In Series in a one-day format.  Maybe it is also Teeny Tiny Art, working in a small format, like my 4"x4"x400 series.  Or maybe not.  Your thoughts?

Postcard Art anyone?  This could be a one-day workshop or an evening. 

And finally, I've been teaching Unlocking the Secrets of Color and Keys to Dynamic Composition as six-week online classes.  What do you think about Intro to Composition, and/or Color as one-day workshops at 2014 retreats?

So here are the new workshop ideas:
  1. Prayer Flags
  2. Layering with Transparencies
  3. Working in Series (teeny tiny or not)
  4. Intro to Composition
  5. Intro to Color (with a better title)
Thanks for any feedback or suggestions you can offer!


  1. I would sign up for Working in Series in a heartbeat. While it's not a difficult concept, it's difficult for me to plan and execute, yet I really want to create that way. Composition is also a strong interest and I think lot of folks struggle with that. Postcard art could be a fun "take home" evening class...as I've joined more and more p/c swaps, it's just amazing what can be sent through the mail and opens creativity in unexpected ways. That's my two cents! :)

  2. All these ideas sound splendid. Love the prayer flags idea, which puts general principles into a specific project. Didn't talk to enough of other participants at Art and Soul to know, but I am guessing that there is a certain group who wants projects. Versus me in the group of Trying to Make up for Not Going to Art School. I would sign up for any/all of these!!!

  3. Are you still planning the French workshop?

    1. Hi Ingrid. I'm not sure about teaching in France yet. It would be a huge expense upfront, with all the pressure of filling it in order to make money. If some venue in Europe would invite me to teach and either pay my expenses or do the marketing, I could certainly consider it. Any ideas???

  4. I would take all of your classes Jane-all wonderful class ideas (reminder to me to play the lottery:)!! Prayer flags are a big thing. I always come away learning something from your mini tuts/videos here on your blog, and of course, your book sits on my art table still:)

  5. Come to Art & Soul in Virginia Beach and I'll take the Composition and color classes!!!

    Carol in VA

  6. I really have enjoyed your online classes and would love to see any of these available for on line in the future. Especially the prayer flags

  7. I would love to see the Transparencies class online or DVD.

  8. I would also like the prayer flag -- my artmaking is so process oriented- it would be fun to have something I " made" to enjoy while learning techniques.

  9. I'm also loving your online classes and so would love to take the transparencies and working in a series especially, and also the prayer flags as part of an online set of classes. Or any of these as live classes if you're in the Massachusetts area!

    1. Hi Susan. THanks! I do teach at Ink About It in Westford occasionally. I could do the Prayer Flag one there, maybe the transparencies. One-day workshops work best there. I'll set something up for the fall.


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