Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cathy Farrell at Open Studios

I was teaching at Guilford Art Center in Guilford, CT last weekend, and had the opportunity to visit City Wide Open Studios in New Haven where my friend and student of several years, Cathy Farrell, was exhibiting her work for the first time in quite a while.  What a pleasure it was to see Cathy's work mounted, framed, given adequate wall space, and being admired by so many visitors. 

Cathy and me at her Open Studios gallery with "Turning In", Cathy's first larger-scale piece
"Turning In" 22"x30"

"Turning In" in progress, at Collage Journeys in Vermont retreat, August 2012

Cathy at Collage Journeys, August 2012, "Mooncircles" in foreground

A group of Cathy's collage compositions at Open Studios

Self Portrait collection at Open Studios

"Mooncircles", 22"x30" at Open Studios

Cathy at Guilford Art Center, 2011

"Day at the Beach" made at Guilford Art Center, 2011

"Gateway to the City", made at Guilford Art Center, 2011
See Cathy's post about the event on her blog, with more photos.  And, see her VIDEO TOUR!!

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you'll all consider attending your local Open Studios events, and participating if you can.  It's a great way to talk with artists about their work in a relaxed environment.  You won't get that at a gallery opening!  And for participants it's a way to get feedback, and engage in conversation about your work.


  1. Thank you, Jane! Open Studios was such a fun weekend, made even better by your visit. There's no doubt that your classes and workshops,and your encouragement, helped me get there. (Every piece, in fact, was created in a class or workshop of Jane's.) On to next year!

  2. Just wonderful to see your work, and the growth you've experienced. Glad to see you putting work out there. No doubt at some point, being dedicated "Janeites" we will connect!

  3. What beautiful work! I love the colors, composition, and everything about it all. Congratulations Cathy, and also Jane -- wonderful teacher. I have a shout out to you in my blog today! http://jessicasporn.blogspot.com/2012/10/good-to-grow.html

  4. Hello Jane and Cathy with a "C,"

    It is wonderful to see the completed Turning In after seeing its beginnings at the summer collage workshop. I know that you lovingly worked and re-worked it. Great show Cathy and thanks to Jane for sharing it with us.

    It was so inspiring to be with all you real artists this summer in VT, thanks for including me in Collage Journeys and making me feel so welcome, encouraging me every step of the way.


    1. Thank you, Lu! I am tickled to be called a real artist :-) but from what I saw in Rupert, you are every bit the artist as any of the rest of us!

  5. I love your art. It is very free and expressive. I particularly love your patterns and textures. Your imagery is very rich and varied. Beautiful and intriguing work.


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