Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fabulous Work from Students

As you may know, I am teaching my online class "Exploring the Self-Portrait" now, and I'm thrilled with some of the work the students are doing! We've got a really talented and lively group, so I wanted to share some of the images.

We've worked with ink on the end of a pipe cleaner:

Drawing and collage:

Drawing, painting and collage:

One-liner drawings:

Watercolor wet in wet:
In our sketchbooks:
And we are not half done yet! Every morning I wake up looking forward to seeing the new posts and comments. This was not meant to be an Inner Self kind of workshop, but inevitably one makes self-discoveries when doing self-portraits. I will be offering this online workshop again starting June 6. Meanwhile, enjoy the eye candy, and try a few self-portraits just for fun!

I am also offering The Sketchbook Practice Workshop online, starting April 4. More about that in another post.


  1. Just happened upon your very interesting blog. You certainly have inspired students! I also really liked your ink doodles--the black is so graphic and distinctive--and your post about coaching and working larger. Sometimes it just takes small adjustments to create change. I have the opposite problem--can't work small! I started on a 12" square piece and I think it's going to end up 6 ft. by 5 ft....I may need coaching!
    best from Tunisia,


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