Saturday, August 20, 2011

Collage Journeys 2011

I've just had a fabulous week with my Collage Journeys in Vermont workshop here in Rupert. What a great group we had, and a great time! We used the fire hall/community center for our studio, so we had loads of space - an eight foot table for each student, and extra space for letting pieces dry etc. Thanks to the Rupert Volunteer Fire Company for the use of the building. Students stayed at the guest house just down the street from the fire hall and next door to my house, so everything was walking distance. The weather cooperated again this year (thank you!) for some lovely walks after lunch. Here are a few pix:

Susie's barn:

Naomi in the back (from TX) and Sue (from Indiana) working on multiple pieces:

A few of Mary's collage (Mary did MANY MANY pieces!):

Helle's tounge-in-cheek piece on framing:

Susie with her grid collage painting:

Naomi's worktable (Naomi did GORGEOUS pieces!):

More of Naomi's hand-painted papers:

One of Margie's gorgeous hand-painted papers:

Mary at work:

Helle and Margie at work:

Thanks to all of you who participated! You all worked hard and created beautiful pieces.


  1. LOVE these workshops!!!! A licence to create order after first creating chaos. Lovely work.

  2. Beautiful work! Jane, your annual Rupert workshop is big on my wishlist - I hope to make it next summer!

  3. Wonderful work Jane! I may have to come back next summer!!!

    I See Cathy wants to come as well... :)

  4. Wish l could have done this workshop! beautiful work. lynda

  5. Looks so much fun! I wish I could have returned this year. The images featured inspires me to get painting again!


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