Monday, January 10, 2011

Workshop at Ink About It

I was so excited to meet, finally in person, Sue Bleiweiss, who came to my Dream House workshop at Ink About It on Saturday. Several people in the workshop had already seen the Sketchbook Challenge blog and were excited to start sketching. Here is a photo of me and Sue, in person, together, showing off our sketchbooks.
Sue had made her spiral bound sketchbook using the Zutter Bind-It-All; I was inspired to buy one at Ink About It along with some of the spiral wires. Can't wait to make some spiral bound books! But I digress... Here are a few more pix from the workshop:

Pat's Dream House:

Lori's Dream House:
Leslie's Dream House:
Karen, with Sue in the background:
Besides having a great time with the gang at Ink About It and meeting Sue in person, I was totally blown away by a book that Sue made for me. Take a peek:

Here's the cover. It's Ultrasuede with an antique glitter key!
The book is made with three signatures; at the beginning of each signature there is a quote about creativity and a little charm. The charms read: "vision", "journey", and "imagine".
In the middle of each signature is a pair of quotes along the bottom of the facing pages, and the last page of each signature has a pocket with a little tag in it where I can write myself a note.Included in the pages are some very enticing hand-painted papers, the beginnings of collaborative pieces!
This is definitely a case of the book being too-precious to use, and it will take a good deal of will to just get started. Sue said I HAVE to sketch in it, so I think I'll start in the middle on one of the painted pages, and will post the result soon . I promise!


  1. Jane,
    That looked like a great workshop! I wanted to say how much I love your Collage Journeys book- I just retired form teaching at a small university here in Northern Minnesota- I taught a collage class last summer and suggested your book for the students. In fact i am just finishing a journal I made with your idea of pre-painting and collaging before binding. I look forward to your new book. Best. Terry

  2. What fun.....I can just tell from the pictures this was a great workshop.......I love your journal pages......

  3. Wow! This is a gorgeous, delicious journal! Great workshop photos.

  4. Ooooh this book is so lovely--what a great treasure, and yes put your art in it! Can you imagine how wonderful this will be!!
    Love that workshop too!


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