Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sneak Preview

I had a photo shoot last week in my studio for the how-to sequences in my new book. I thought I'd share the visual how-to on the paper bag posted on Feb. 26. This was a really fun project, and it's just paper, paint, and a bit of marabou! Stuff it with soaps and creams as a great girl gift, or chocolate, or a handmade something... More detailed instructions plus variations will be found in the book (due out in spring of 2011).

First, paint some paper (I use cheap drawing paper or the back of a paper grocery bag) make a pattern for your bag. Cut out an oval the shape you want the bag; measure its perimeter, and then cut out a piece of your painted paper the length of the oval's perimeter plus an inch for overlap, by the desired height of the bag plus a half inch for the fold-under. Fold under a half inch, and cut notches as shown (1).

Next, glue the notched folded over edge of the bag to the oval bottom as shown. Do this a few notches at a time, slowly and carefully (2).

You can also work from the outside (3).

When you have glued all the notches, glue up the seam in the side of the bag, and then glue another oval piece to the bottom to cover the notches (4).

Now, if you like, tack-stitch a length of marabou to the top rim of the bag and glue handles to the inside. Or you could embellish it with any kind of trim you like. Feathers, lace, beads, ribbons, etc. Put something luxurious in the bag and give it to someone you love.

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