Friday, February 26, 2010

Paper Bag

I was working on a gift bag idea today, and started by painting a bunch of new papers. Always fun! So here is the gift bag I came up with. It has an oval bottom, so the sides are curved. The handles are paper with glitter glue on them. I got to use my marabou!! Love that stuff, though I haven't used it all that much. I think this project, or one similar, is going in my book, where I'll have templates and directions. Meanwhile, I'd love to do more more more, and explore the whole idea of the paper bag. Anyone else out there interested?
Here are a few of the papers I did this morning. This is the sort of thing we do in the first half of my scribble collage workshops, but I like making Stuff with these papers too.


  1. Jane,It looks to me like you've definitely got the kaliedescope thing going! Your work is FANTASTIC. I so wish I could take one of your classes. There seems to be a dearth of mixed media workshops in my area, although I am participating in a class with one of my favorite artiist next weekend. Illustration Friday is a weekly art challenge blog that looks to be right up your alley; just click on the title of my post, and it will take you there. have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Love the look of these! Just inspired me to try something.... :)


  3. That bag is the cutest thing!! Thanks for the inspiration!


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