Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unbinding the Visual Journal

"Unbinding the Visual Journal" in Williston went SO WELL!!! I met so many talented artists of varying backgrounds, and we all had a blast making collage journals. The gal pictured above is Holly Sierra. She brought color copies of her paintings, cut them up, and rearranged them into beautiful collages. Each person had such a unique approach to this process. It was truly inspiring to me.


  1. I know this person. She has produced some very nice pieces of artwork. Doesn't she illustrate children's books as well? The Fairy Chronicles....

  2. Hi Jane, I just discovered your blog and I am delighted that you have one! I recently borrowed your new book "Collage Journeys" from my library and I love it. I plan on purchasing my own copy along with "Collage With Color". These are wonderful, inspiring, and educational books and I'm sure I will find them very useful in my collage work.
    I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you!

  3. Jane, I would love to take a workshop with you however we are on the opposite coasts. I did use your books as a guide for my recent art retreat which I've written about in my blog. Thank you for being my "virtual" guide.

  4. Jane, I added your blog to my list of Artists I Admire at to inspire myself and anyone who ventures forth. Look forward to your book.


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