Thursday, January 15, 2009


My Collage Journeys workshop in Manchester, Vermont starts this evening, the first of six weekly sessions. I am excited to teach from my new book! Most of my students for this workshop are art teachers, so I expect the teaching and learning will go both ways. We're going to start with my "Color Collage" project, which is a fun way to get going if you've been away from art making for a while. First you gather and organize lots of different papers into color categories. Then you make several collage compositions using only papers from one color group. Of course, each group has many versions of one color - they can be patterns, textures, and all different shades. This project helps you to focus on composition, texture, and value, while exploring materials from many sources. Here are a few examples that I did for my book.


  1. Jane, what kind of glue do you use? I know you addressed it some in your book but I'm curious if you use different kinds for different projects. I use a liquid matte medium, however don't like the effect when it gets on certain papers (like card stock). Then I use a glue stick, but worry about how 'permanent' it is.

  2. Hi Jane - I found your blog. Yeah! The first night of the workshop was great. I've been ripping out pretty colored pages from catalogs, magazines, and other junk mail ever since. I really have this urge to do a turquoise page. Don't tell my husband I'm hording yet another craft supply.
    BTW- do a search for bogate in blogger to see my lackluster blog...
    See you Thursday!!

  3. I hope your workshop went well! If I lived back there I would love to take it!:)


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