Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Winners of Collage Challenge #3

Thank you to all who participated in Collage Challenge #3! What a great collection of collage papers with TYPE I received from so many participants. Be sure to check out the fabulous work on our Flickr group here. It is inspiring to see such diverse and creative work from so many of you.

I will post the next challenge, Collage Challenge #4, on Friday. For now, here are the winners of Collage Challenge #3. 

Jo Murray sent me this collection of papers, all the way from Australia.

Joyce Francis sent these papers.
 I will send these two 9"x12" collages to the winners.

Meanwhile, here are a few contributions from the challenge that are posted on the Flickr group:

Check out the whole group here.


  1. Oh wow! I'm delighted to be the recipient of one of your collages...many, many thanks. This particular challenge drew a lot of great pieces from everyone. Very inspiring.

    1. You sent me a terrific collection of collage papers! This challenge has definitely brought out a diverse and spectacular group of work from participants. THanks, Jo.

    2. Jo love your work as well as Jane's congrats!