Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Body of Work

From the previous post you will see that several people expressed the need for more focus. They feel like they are all over the map, artistically, and have a hard time deciding on a direction. In my workshop "The Body of Work: Freedom and Focus",  I am addressing this exact issue. I think many of us feel like we get pulled from one medium or type of imagery to another to another, and we feel like we "should" settle down and focus. Me too. All the time.

Look at this more-or-less random selection of my work from the past few years:
These are all different sizes, from 10"x10" to 36"x36". I just re-sized them for ease of layout in Photoshop. To me, these are all over the map, and each one is part of a different series. What do you see? I also work in encaustic occasionally, and dip into oil media as well, so that takes the work in yet more directions.

I think as artists we NEED the freedom to explore broadly. I also think there is a time and a method to focus and go more deeply into a particular exploration. There are just a few spaces available in my workshop at Madeline Island School of the Arts in July, where we will tackle this issue and move more easily towards building bodies of work.


  1. These are quite varied but all but perhaps that darkest one says "Jane Davies" to me. I wish I could take your workshop, but am traveling elsewhere in July. If you ever develop an online class on this subject, I would definitely sign up.

    1. I want to add that these are all--including that dark one--very evocative and beautiful.

  2. What I see--what this says to me--is the importance of the YIN and YANG of Diverging and Converging. This is true for art making, theory building, writing--any deep creative activity. Divergence yields discovery; Convergence yields focus. Both are important. One needs to learn to embrace both.