Sunday, May 5, 2019

A Few Hearts from Collage Challenge #4

Check out the Heart Collages on our Flickr Group here. I have added a few of my own. See the challenge in the previous post, and please participate if it sounds like fun.

Here are a few from the group. As you can see, some of them made use of the collage papers I made available for download (which you can do here), and some did just fine without.

Here are a few heart collages I did on Friday:

This is the only one in my group in which I make the heart the center image. In the others, the heart is simply part of a larger collage. I like playing with both approaches.

This one came out of left field. End of day, fooling around, did not even expect to put a heart in this one. Maybe it's a heart perched on an outhouse.

Even if hearts are not your thing, I hope you will find inspiration in the work posted on Flickr.


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  2. I can't get excited about collage challenge #4. Need to reframe my thinking that it's about a SHAPE, and not so much about hearts. Thanks.

    1. You can certainly do that. I've done this kind of study with circles, which is fun.

  3. Love hearts! And, these creations are so full of interesting papers - thanks for sharing them.