Monday, September 22, 2014

Progress on the Works in Progress

I did little updates to the 9"x12" paintings I started on Friday.  I don't know if they are finished yet, but I thought I'd share what I have.  I'm posting each piece followed by a sequence image that includes its previous stage, in my previous post.

The above actually started here.  It was one of my speed paintings.

These 9"x12" pieces done on cheap drawing paper are sort of like Big Fat Art, but on a different scale.  My Big Fat Art Weekend, which takes place March 27 - 29, 2015, is now open for registration.  There are only eight spaces available.  100 Drawings on Cheap Paper is being offered again next September, and that is open for registration.


  1. Luscious! Something I aspire to do that seems to flow so easily for you. Thanks for always sharing and inspiring.

  2. So seductive! This makes me want to paint.

    1. "This makes me want to paint." EXACTLY the response I hope for!! Thanks. So, go paint, and have fun with it. FYI, I start with a BUNCH of these, and only SOME make it to the finish line. That is just my process - keep a lot of them in the works, feel free to "wreck" them, and many of them surprise me. Some end up in the "try again" pile; they are starts for another day.

  3. It's really inspiring and helpful to see how your work evolves. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing creative process.

  4. You're an inspiration, Jane. I love the seeing your process. You create luminosity, depth and texture in such a beautiful way. Proof of series as process. Thank you.

  5. How beautiful! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.