Friday, June 21, 2019

Crazy Crayon Characters

Having a little "Paint and Sip" with my friend Lucie Duclos, we painted funny characters, cut them apart, and then reassembled them. Lucie's husband participated as well, which made it even more fun because he does not draw or paint usually.

I think this would be REALLY FUN in a larger group including those who do art on a regular basis, and those who do not. We used cheap oil pastels, a set of pan watercolors with a water brush, some kids' markers, and ordinary pencils - nothing special, no professional "art supplies". You could also include glue-stick collage!

Can you think of other ways to use this process? Maybe life-size figures tacked to the studio wall, or imaginary plants (roots, stems, leaves, flowers) that could be assembled in different ways? Let me know your thoughts.


  1. What fun. Love to have been there to share it. Bravo.

  2. What a fun idea! Why go somewhere to do paint-n-sip?!?! Great idea, thanks.

  3. This reminds me of a drawing game I used with kids, folding a long piece of paper in thirds.
    The first child drew the head, folded so just the neck lines showed on the second section of paper. The paper was passed to another child who drew the body, folded the paper with just the beginning of the legs showing. The third child drew the legs and feet. (There might be several of these moving around a circle before they were all finished.) Then the drawings were unfolded to see the results. Kids loved this game.

  4. A nice varition on drawing consequences as described by Lavina - I will definitely try thia with my grandchildren - Fun. Thank you.

  5. YES!! THanks for the comments. This IS Definitely a paint-and-sip option. Coffee OR wine, depending on time of day. Could be intergenerational too, but I like the idea of using it with adults - maybe a warm up for a beginner class. Kids already know how to loosen up and make images.