Sunday, April 21, 2019

100 Drawings on Cheap Paper

I am offering my "100 Drawings on Cheap Paper", an interactive online class, this fall, starting September 4. I use the term "drawing" loosely, to include painting and collage, and any other kind of marks you make. This class is designed to cultivate a habit of working in series, working in quantity, to delve more deeply into a visual inquiry than we may typically do.

Each of the ten weekly lessons has a particular focus, and you get to explore that focus over the course of (at least) ten pieces. We emphasize the exploration, the process, and don't aim for "finished" pieces. Read more details and register here.

In one of the lessons we do the speed painting exercise shown in this video (this is not the lesson video, just me doing the exercise in a workshop).

Here are some examples of student work from the class. All works are done on 9"x12" cheap drawing paper. Find it here. Or use Blick Bristol for a heavier, but still inexpensive, substrate.

Enjoy the work!


  1. the 100 paintings in 10 weeks is a terrific experience! I sure learned a lot, more than I expected actually. Jane, thank you. Might even take it again some time :0) If you sign up, you'll be pleased you did.

    1. Thanks, Nancy, for the plug! I am always so impressed with the work people do in this class. I'm thinking of doing a new online class with similar format, just not sure when I can fit it in.