Friday, March 16, 2018

Late Stages of a Painting

This piece is 20"x20" on wood panel. It has gone through many stages in a previous life, and then resurfaced to take a new direction. Here is the latest:

This is many layers after it came out of hiding.

Flattened out the top area with a grey-green

Added a bit of gray pattern in the middle and emphasized the gray circle on the right.

Painted over the drippy over in the top right, marked the gray circle with graphite and paint, and added some orange stripes inside the big orange orb on the lower left.

Toned down the gray circle on the right. Looks like I also tweaked the turquoise.
This may be done, or very close. 


  1. It's so exciting to see, how that piece develops.
    Thanks for showing.

  2. Looking great! Thanks for sharing

  3. I often "unearth" paintings that have been waiting for long, and I love that exciting feeling you get when you realize that you're on the right track, that their time has finally come!!
    This painting is indeed on the right track! The flat grey was a great idea!
    Thank you for sharing!!

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  5. It is so helpful to see the work in process. I've seen many of yours presented in steps like this, and they are always very engaging and inspiring.