Friday, March 4, 2011

Trying out my new video camera

Here is my first attempt at video. I am making a quick series of small collage paintings, first by using my own scribble painted papers, stained papers, and a few other items for a basic collage layout, and then painting over it with Golden fluid acrylics. I use acrylic matte medium for the adhesive and top coat.

Here are the four finished small collages:

On this one I added a little stamping with wavy corragated card stock to echo the same pattern as is on the scribble painted paper:
I printed white dots with a hand-carved rubber stamp on this one, and also added the wavy corragated lines
I used plastic cross stitch canvas to print the white grid patterns on this one:
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  1. I love these collage pieces! I particularly like the colours you use.

    ~ Sara

  2. Love the collages and watching you work! I confess to having a madcap love affair with that cross stitch plastic stuff. I wonder if anyone really uses it for cross stitch?

  3. Inspirational. Next on my list of to-try: paint on top of collage! :-)

  4. These a fabulous Jane!! Thanks for sharing the video... :))

  5. Thanks for sharing. I am working on collages this month and it gave me some ideas to use.
    Love the decisive way you approach the collage.

  6. ooo great demo! I love your collage techniques.

    If you have time and interest, I would love for you to consider being in this community art project:

  7. Absolutely dreamy, Jane. Love the first time video.. the colors, cross forms and the textures.

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  9. It was wonderful watching you work--thanks so much for sharing! I've recently ventured into collage art and really loved seeing you rotate several pieces at the same time--it's what I do!! Hope to see more demo's soon!

    ps: should have checked my spelling before posting!! I think this one is OK!!!

  10. I loved watching your video!!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me.

  11. Thanks for sharing! Those came out gorgeous!


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